We are a family company who believes that Fashion is wearable art, a window to the inner soul. Instead of being afraid of who we are and wearing clothes that hide our essence, why not clothing to express our uniqueness and reveal who we are!


Enjoying what we’re wearing reinforces the idea that being authentic in our everyday actions promotes more harmony in our lives, thus reminding us to wear our joy and kindness for the benefit of others.


Fashion makes a contribution to the world by making it a more beautiful place, and yet it can also make it a better place. We ultimately want to improve the world by promoting authentic living and self expression, as well as designing products that support this goal.


We are inspired by the concept of Kindness, that warm and inviting energy that radiates out from us when we honor our own happiness and dedicate ourselves to sharing it with others. We believe that our personal happiness helps make the world a more compassionate and joyful place.


Based on the inspiration for Wear Kindness we are developing a fashion line of innovative casual wear that demonstrates the principles of Right Livelihood, Honest Business and Loving Kindness. Follow our Facebook page for updates/events.